The Registrar’s Office at 现金网平台 University is dedicated to supporting the educational purpose and mission of the University. We strive to serve the college community in a timely, friendly and accurate manner. At the same time, it is our job to guard the integrity and security of all student records in a manner consistent with ethical and legal standards. The Registrar’s Office supports students in all phases of university life, including registration, class scheduling, and graduation. Our office is located in the Student Services building.

How to Order Your Transcripts

现金网平台 University provides both official and unofficial transcripts upon request. Transcripts can be requested for all coursework taken at 现金网平台 or for only work completed within specific parameters (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, academic program, etc.).

Unofficial Transcripts

These are available at no cost to the student and are primarily for use on-campus for advising purposes and for personal use. Please send your request to the Registrar’s Office at

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are primarily for applications to other universities or for employment applications. Transcripts are processed within 12-48 hours.

  • Standard: $15 per official copy, payable by cash, credit card, check or money order to 现金网平台 University.
  • Rush (In-Person): $15 per copy — same day processing.
  • Urgent Requests: Please contact the Registrar’s Office for options at
Online Orders
  • Order online via the National Student Clearinghouse in cooperation with 现金网平台 University. (Best used with Firefox or Google Chrome.)
  • Fill out and sign your transcript request. (Missing information can delay your request.)
Mail Orders

Your request must contain the following:

  • A completed transcript request form
  • Specify which college transcripts you need — 现金网平台 University or Fort Wright College (Note: 现金网平台 started when Fort Wright College closed, and we hold the transcripts for this university.)
  • Your full name and any former names under which you may have attended (maiden, married, nicknames, etc.)
  • Social Security Number and/or HU ID number, if known
  • Date of birth
  • Approximate dates of attendance
  • Complete address where transcript(s) should be mailed
  • Mailing address, if different from where transcript is mailed
  • YOUR SIGNATURE — your transcript cannot be released without a WRITTEN SIGNATURE

Please specify if you need your request to be held for current semester grades, degrees or grade changes, or if you are expecting a correction or clearance of an incomplete.

Payment of the transcript request fee must be received by credit card, check or money order to HU when ordering. HU does not accept American Express. (Please include card number, expiration date and v-code number if paying via credit card. The v-code is an additional three-digit number that can be found after the credit card number on the back on many cards).

In-Person Orders
  • Complete request form at the Registrar’s Office on the main campus or any Regional Site Office
  • Include complete address where the transcript will be mailed, or make a note if you will return to pick up the transcript in person (available only at the main campus)
  • Payment of the transcript request fee
  • Photo ID is required

Your transcript may be picked up by a friend or relative with a written statement giving consent to this person to receive your transcript. Permission must be in writing, and you must include the name of the person who will be receiving the transcript, along with your written signature.


Your 现金网平台 University transcript will not contain lists of courses from other institutions; it will show the name of the institution and the number of transfer credits accepted toward your degree program at 现金网平台.

Your transcript request cannot be processed unless all financial and other obligations to the college have been fulfilled. Our Business Office holds may delay your request. If you have questions regarding your financial account, contact the Business Office at (509) 865-8507.

Degree and 教育 (Enrollment) Verification – for students attending 现金网平台 University
(Degree and Enrollment is verified by the National Student Clearing House)

  1. Sign on to your student MYHERITAGE account
  2. Select the Students tab
  3. Find Student Records/Enrollment Verification/Loan Locator
  4. Select NSC Enrollment Verificator/Loan Locator
  5. Choose current or All enrollment
  6. Click Obtain enrollment certificate

Your National Student Clearinghouse certificate will download as a PDF.

Diploma Replacement Order Form


Phone: (509) 865-8505

Registrar Staff Associate
(Transcripts and Registrations)
Phone: (509) 865-8506

Credentials Evaluator
(Transfer Credits and Graduation):
Phone: (509) 865-8609

Office Location & Hours

Student Services Bldg
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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