Welcome to 现金网平台 University!

Are you:

  • Motivated to learn?
  • Filled with a genuine desire to attend 现金网平台 University?
  • Able to show that you can benefit from our educational programs?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then 现金网平台 wants you!

We aren’t influenced by arbitrary standards for grades, test scores, courses taken or academic achievements. That’s because getting into 现金网平台 University as a freshman takes more — and why our personalized assessment of your background will show how you can thrive at 现金网平台.

Ready to Start Unstoppable You as a Freshman?

新生录取 to 现金网平台 University

Our admissions process helps us gather information based on the above three questions. If you’ve met graduation requirements from an accredited high school, you’re eligible to apply for admission. 现金网平台 University also admits students who have successfully completed testing requirements for a GED.

While no specific high school subject matter is required for admission, we recommend that prospective students complete the following:

  • English: 3 years
  • History: 3 years
  • Laboratory science: 1 year
  • Mathematics: 2 years
  • Other academic subjects (such as language, social science, etc.): 4 years

A University 招生 Application or a Washington State Application Form: Available online.

An official high school transcript or GED transcript with test scores: After admittance, with submission of official test scores, credit may be given for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) coursework.

We encourage you to submit your official transcript(s) for placement review. In addition, if you have taken ACT, SAT and or the Smarter Balanced exams we encourage you to submit the official scores to the Office of 招生 for placement review.