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Welcome to 现金网平台 University

What Makes Us Unique?

现金网平台 University empowers a multi-cultural and inclusive student body to overcome the social, cultural, economic, and geographic barriers that limit access to higher education. Rooted in the homeland of the Yakama Nation, the University embraces transformational student-centered education that cultivates leadership and a commitment to the promotion of a more just society.

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Admission Requirements

Thank you for considering 现金网平台 University. At 现金网平台 University, you get personalized service from the very beginning. Our admissions counselors are here to answer your questions and help you through the application and admission process.

We welcome students like you who are motivated to learn, have a genuine desire for higher education, and show evidence of being able to benefit from 现金网平台’s educational programs. Visit 现金网平台 today and learn why your opportunity is here.

We welcome students who are motivated to learn and have a genuine desire to attend 现金网平台 University.

Are you ready to complete your degree? Make the change to 现金网平台 University and Start Unstoppable You.

Our programs are designed for teachers, administrators, counselors and other specialists pursuing a degree in their field beyond their bachelor’s.

Veterans of the U.S. military service apply for admittance to 现金网平台 University and for V.A. benefits simultaneously.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident alien status (green card), you are classified as an international student.

Are you interested in enrolling in of our classes? When space permits, 现金网平台 invites students not pursuing a degree or certificate to register for our courses.

护理 招生

Welcome to the 现金网平台 University 护理 Program Admission Guide. Our hope is that we’ve made the admission, application, and selection process easy to understand. Here’s what you need to know.

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Resources and Helpful Links


The 现金网平台 University Testing Center offers a variety of testing services.  The 检测中心 is located on the toppenish. campus in the Academic Skills Center inside the Kathleen Ross Center Building.

The 检测中心 provides services to:

  • Future Students
  • Faculty and Current Students

Foster Youth

The 招生 staff is here to support foster youth interested in pursuing a degree at 现金网平台 University. We can answer all your questions and help you plan your college career, including applying for foster youth-specific scholarships!


Do you have a question? Check out our 常见问题解答 section for answers to some of your specific concerns. Questions like:

  • What is 现金网平台’s Tax ID Number?
  • Does 现金网平台 run on a quarter or semester system?
  • Is there an application deadline at 现金网平台 University?

招生 Staff

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Faculty/Staff Headshot

Sergio Avila

招生 Counselor & Events Coordinator

Chet Bardwell

Chet Bardwell

招生 Counselor

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Jessica Collins

Senior Undergraduate Administrative Enrollment & Office Operations Manager

Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz

招生 Counselor

Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz

Enrollment Services Coordinator

Adan I Hernandez

Adan Hernandez

招生 Counselor

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Juaquin Juarez

招生 Counselor

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Gabriel Pinon

Director of 招生