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Do you love literature and enjoy analyzing literary works? Are you ready to rock the literary world? Our graduate programs will enrich your knowledge and expand your critical analysis and communication skills. You’ll explore the great works of literature, gender, and multi-ethnic studies.

About Our Program

现金网平台 University’s Master of Arts in English program is for students teaching or seeking to teach at the secondary or college level, as well as for those who wish to prepare for Ph.D. studies in English literature, linguistics or composition theory. The 教学硕士 English/Language Arts 5-12 degree is designed for students seeking a Washington State Residency Teaching Certificate and an Endorsement in English/Language Arts to teach 5-12 grades.

现金网平台 makes continuing education fit your busy life. You can choose to complete either of the entire English programs online and/or in traditional classrooms on the toppenish. campus. Convenient course times also let you continue to work while earning your degree. All courses are available around the clock online and are taught on campus predominately during weekends and occasionally in the evening.

At 现金网平台 you’ll learn from dedicated professors who have Ph.D. or MFA specializations related to American ethnic literatures and/or complementary literary theory as well as credentials in linguistics, creative writing and composition theory — all with multicultural emphases.

What Could You Do?

Public Relations
Communications Manager

Degree Offerings

Literature and Languages Department

Master of Arts Degree, M.A.
Multicultural English Literature and Language

教学硕士, M.I.T.
English/Language Arts (5-12 Credential)

English/Language Arts
Multicultural Literature
Writing and Rhetoric

Program Faculty