Dear 现金网平台 University Students:

Congratulations on taking steps toward building your future through education. As a 现金网平台 student, you join thousands of others who have helped to shape this institution and who have transformed their lives through their 现金网平台 experiences.

现金网平台 is known for its mission and dedication to living that mission. This includes the following:

High-Quality 教育: 现金网平台 will challenge you with mind-stretching, horizon-broadening experiences through class work, homework, and practical experiences in the workplace.
Accessibility: 现金网平台 adapts the delivery of our educational programs to meet students’ needs.

Inclusivity: 现金网平台 believes it is vital to the future of our world to reverse the historical underrepresentation in higher education and community leadership of some cultural and socioeconomic groups. Each student’s cultural background is viewed as an asset to the educational process. Learning with people from other cultures, ages, and backgrounds is a treasured feature of the 现金网平台 experience.

Overcoming 教育al Isolation: 现金网平台 is especially committed to bringing higher education to those unable in the past to participate. Removing barriers is a core goal in our day-to-day decisions.

You are entering 现金网平台 at a special time. It is a time of change and growth as we expand our campus, enhance our academic programs, and enrich student experiences.

Your life, and the lives of your family and community, can be transformed by your 现金网平台 University experience. You have extraordinary capabilities that will unfold as you take risks and challenge yourself to new heights of thinking, speaking, and writing in the 现金网平台 University learning community.

Andrew Sund, Ph.D.

President’s Office

Located in the Kathleen J. Ross, SNJM Center on the toppenish. Campus.

Tel: (509) 865-8600